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  • Stain Shield fabric protection is a new technology protection product that, unlike other protection products, is Eco-friendly and much safer for people and the environment.

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What Is StainShield Protection?

StainShield fabric protection is a special water-based protective treatment that, when applied to a fabric, imparts repellency, soil retardancy & stain resistance to the fabric.

Although StainShield is not a high repellent protector it gives treated fabrics much better stain resistance & cleanability.

How Does StainShield Work?

When applied to a fabric, StainShield puts an invisible shield around the individual fibres of the fabric. This shield resists liquid spills, soiling & stains, making them easier to remove. This helps to keep the “New Look” longer.

Does Fabric Protection Affect Fabrics?

There is no alteration to the look or feel of a treated fabric, just a difference in its performance when problems occur. Liquid spills will generally bead up on the surface of the fabric, enabling them to be blotted up with a towel before they become a problem.

On some synthetic and open weave fabrics, this beading up effect will not occur, mainly because of the looseness of the weave. This does not mean that the protection is not working. On these types of fabrics, spills and problems can still be removed.

What Fabrics Can Be Protected?

StainShield has been specially formulated to work on most fabrics and fibres. It is safe for use on all fabrics from the very expensive linens and chintzes to the modern polyester microsuede fabrics and similar types of fabric like the luxury suedes.

Stain Shield can be applied to mill treated fabrics. It is designed to enhance, and boost, the performance of these treatments by improving the resistance to oily type stains.

Is StainShield Safe?

Stain Shield is a safe water-based protection and contains no harmful solvents. It has no odours, no carcinogens, is non-toxic, is biodegradable, contains no VOCs and is non-allergenic. Once dry, it presents NO health concerns.

Can Protected Fabrics Still Stain?

If an accident occurs, it is always best to attend to the problem QUICKLY. The longer a problem is present on the fabric, the more the chance of the fabric staining, even if the fabric has been protected!

Hot liquids can penetrate the protection so be careful when drinking them.

The following diagram shows just what happens if a problem like a spill occurs. It demonstrates why it is important to act quickly when the problem occurs, rather than leave it.

Can StainShield Protected Fabrics Soil?

In a word, yes. StainShield protected fabrics resist soiling much better than unprotected fabrics. If you apply StainShield correctly then your fabric will be durable to cleaning, 

However, the longevity of the protection on treated items depends largely on how well the protected item is, or isn’t, cared for.

If the furniture is never used, the protection will last forever, however, if you don’t care for your furniture properly then the protection’s longevity, and effect, will be greatly diminished.

Good Housekeeping Hints for Protected Items.

Here Are Some After Care Instructions To Help You.

These are some simple hints that, if followed, can greatly assist to help keep the “new look” longer.

o Rotate and turn cushions regularly.
o Vacuum treated items weekly.
o Keep treated items out of sunlight to prevent fading.
o Attend to spills and marks when they occur.

For surface cleaning, and to remove marks & stains we recommend that Fabric Magic 100% natural fabric cleaner be used as it safe to use on treated fabrics and has been proven to remove most problems.

Remember, the better the care of your furniture, the better and longer the protection and your furniture will last.